The Overland Expo Foundation is proud to announce the awarding of a $3,200 grant to Team Overland for their Guided Overland Adventures. The Guided Overland Adventures offer an engaging outdoor adventure and serves as a vital platform for promoting mental wellness, community building, and a seamless reintegration process for our Veterans.

ABOUT Team Overland

Team Overland was founded in 2015 with a simple mission to help Veterans reintegrate back into their communities when they return home. To accomplish this, they facilitate free guided overland adventures all over the Pacific Northwest. Their trips, which are always free to everyone, range from quick single-night adventures in the Cascades to week-long multi-state expeditions. They recognized the overland adventure lifestyle as a perfect platform to connect and support the Veteran families in our community. On the trail, they provide all the necessary gear needed to access the outdoors, and their Trail Guides work hard all year to ensure guests have a safe and enjoyable time. Team Overland is a 100% volunteer-run organization with every board member, trail guide, and volunteer giving their time and resources to make these trips successful.

drone image of campsite Team Overland

The Impact

Team Overland’s efforts are primarily focused on combating Veteran suicide, a mission they’ve made significant strides in. They recognize that Veterans struggling with mental health issues or addiction are at a higher risk of suicide. Their belief is strong: if these individuals have access to a trusted and positive support network, they are more likely to reach out for help. This philosophy is at the core of Team Overland’s mission, which they accomplish by getting people out to the woods and around a fire. They have a saying, “the fire facilitates,” and it does. The fire serves as a catalyst for organic connections, both with nature and the souls sharing the experience around the fire simply by sharing that space. This simple yet profound act of gathering around a fire sparks meaningful interactions and bonds.

Learn More About TEAM Overland

For more information about Team Overland and their overland adventures for Veteran families with the help of Kick-Ass Military Supporters to reintegrate Veterans by sharing campfires, friendship, and the overland adventure lifestyle visit their website: