Available grants & funding

Overland Expo Foundation Grant

Individuals and organizations can apply for funding for upcoming charitable projects that support our mission: protecting access to or improving public lands, providing education that fosters preparedness and a more conscientious community, and promoting responsible exploration of our world.

Leave the Trail Better Mini-Grant

Take part in a nationwide trail betterment program through the Overland Expo Foundation. Start a community-based trail clean-up or restoration in your area funded by a mini-grant from the Foundation. Participation is open to eligible groups and individuals.

Change Your World Travel Grant

The Overland Expo Foundation takes the helm from Roseann and Jonathan Hanson and carries on the Change Your World ethos with this grant. Travelers that go above and beyond and plan to give back along the way during an extended, international trip can apply for funding.

Overland Experience Scholarship

In partnership with Overland Expo, the Foundation set up a program to help those with a planned overland journey, but are just starting out, learn self-reliant skills and be better prepared for their trip. Selected participants will be awarded a premium education ticket to the Overland Expo event of their choice.

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Join Our Team

The Overland Expo Foundation is expanding, and we are looking for stellar people within the overland community to join the team! Bring your expertise and be part of the year-round staff or volunteer to assist at one of the Overland Expo events in your area.

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Your contribution matters. Funding for the Overland Expo Foundation is supported through raffles, auctions, and individual donations. Find out more info and how you can help support our organization.