Sustaining the ability to keep exploring

Turning passion into protection.

Help us advance the overland community:

Funding & preserving the

Freedom of adventure

We protect

the accessibility of public lands through restoration and cleanup programs.

We educate

to foster preparedness, understanding, and a more conscientious community.

We explore

and advocate to "do your part" in order to continue to explore our world.

Building a more

Conscientious community

We are a group of enthusiasts passionate about the freedom of overland travel and the majesty of our public lands. Our mission is to help fund stellar organizations and individuals who help protect and advance the overland community.

Helping people and organizations

Make a difference

From advancing the protection of public lands to completing trail restoration and cleanup, we are actively looking to fund projects that align with our mission statement. 

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Always dedicated to fostering preparedness, understanding, & outdoor sustainability

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