The Overland Expo Foundation is proud to announce the awarding of a $5,000 grant to Heros Night Out/Fox Bravo Overland, a non-profit community-based organization that is dedicated to providing resources and services to Veterans, Service Members, and their families in a safe, family-friendly environment. The grant funding will go towards their fall 2024 expedition.


Fox Bravo Overland started in 2011 when a handful of veterans who had redeployed from Afghanistan and Iraq found themselves struggling with reintegrating into “normal” life. They opted to head out into the untamed wilds of the western US where they found an environment where they once again experienced: camaraderie, teamwork, mission focus, physical and mental challenges, and peer mentorship and counsel. They have learned the value of these adventures and focus on helping and healing while they encourage and mentor one another.

Fox Bravo Overland

The Impact

Fox Bravo Overland expeditions expose our veteran and first responder community to the benefits and opportunities available in the overland environment. Following one of their adventures, many of the participants have adopted the overland lifestyle and begun to explore on their own or with their families.

Following the event, Fox Bravo Overland will showcase the expedition, providing inspiration and motivation for others in similar circumstances and to encourage them to participate in overlanding.

Learn More About Fox Bravo Overland

For more information about Fox Bravo Overland and their mission to help Veterans find a support system visit their website: