The Overland Expo Foundation is excited to award a $20,000 grant to TreadLightly!, a national non-profit organization that promotes responsible outdoor recreation through stewardship programs and ethics education. The grant will support TreadLightly!’s ​​Overland Foundation Stewardship Projects. The four projects will be executed in conjunction with each of the four Overland Expo shows. Through these projects, volunteers will learn first-hand about proper, ethical overland behavior and help to rectify trail or public land issues or install signage that helps others who use these lands to do so responsibly. 

About TreadLightly!

TreadLightly! is dedicated to preserving and protecting access to public lands, defending the use of overland vehicles and adventure motorcycles, and organizing community-wide trail restoration. The organization provides affordable opportunities for everyone to participate in the hands-on stewardship of public lands, and its mission aligns with that of the Overland Expo Foundation, which seeks to fund projects that advance the protection of public lands, complete trail restoration and cleanup, and support recreation therapy as a catalyst for positive life change.

The Impact

Last year’s events were a huge success and TreadLightly! and the Overland Expo Foundation are excited to see the Stewardship Projects grow even more in 2023. ​​All in all, the four projects in four states (Washington, Colorado, Arizona, and Virginia), with the help of 148 participating volunteers, completed 822 hours of labor, enhancing 20 miles of trails and removing 138,749 pounds of trash. Read the full 2022 recap

“We are thrilled to once again provide support to TreadLightly! and their efforts to promote responsible outdoor recreation through stewardship programs and ethics education,” said Alison DeLapp, Executive Director of the Overland Expo Foundation. “Their ​​Overland Foundation Stewardship Projects will provide valuable hands-on experience for volunteers and help to protect and preserve our public lands for generations to come.”

Learn More About TreadLightly!

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Learn more about TreadLightly! and their mission to promote responsible recreation through stewardship, education, and communication by visiting their website  

Check out their upcoming events and volunteer opportunities as well as other programs and training. Help support TreadLightly! by making a donation