The Overland Expo Foundation is proud to announce the awarding of a $2,500 grant to Team Overland, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Veterans reintegrate into civilian life through outdoor adventures in Southern Oregon wilderness areas. The grant funding will support their Memorial Weekend event, which is a family-friendly gathering designed to help Veterans connect with like-minded people and rekindle their love of the great outdoors.

About Team Overland

Based in Southern Oregon, Team Overland is a nonprofit that hosts free guided overland adventures to Veteran families with the help of Kick-Ass Military Supporters to reintegrate Veterans by sharing campfires, friendship, and the overland adventure lifestyle.  Team Overland was founded in 2015 with a simple mission to help Veterans reintegrate back into their communities when they return home.To accomplish this, they facilitate free guided overland adventures all over the Pacific Northwest. Their trips, which are always free to everyone, range from quick single-night adventures in the Cascades to week-long multi-state expeditions. They recognized the overland adventure lifestyle as a perfect platform to connect and support the Veteran families in our community. On the trail, they provide all necessary gear needed to access the outdoors, and their Trail Guides work hard all year to ensure guests have a safe and enjoyable time. Team Overland is a 100% volunteer-run organization with every board member, trail guide, and volunteer giving their time and resources to make these trips successful. 

“We have a saying, ‘the fire facilitates,’ and it does. An organic connection with nature and the souls around the fire takes place simply by sharing that space. We have seen the successes of our program, and it is measurable by the rate at which people attend multiple events and how fast our trips sell out of tickets. Our trips sell out in just a few hours, and we must close them. Our team wants to be known for doing the right thing in our community, and we have amassed a unique group of guides who make that a reality.” Matthew Havniear, Board Chair and Director

Team Overland veterans support

The Impact

Veterans are prone to isolation after the service, leading to many more problems. Team Overland aims to build trust with them on trips and help them find positive connections they can lean on when in need, both on and off trips. They have always focused on reducing Veteran Suicide, and know they have been successful in that goal. When Veterans are struggling with poor mental health and or addiction, they are more likely to end their lives, and Team Overland believes that if they had someone they trust who was a positive connection in their life, they would pause and call. That is their primary mission, and they accomplish it by getting people out to the woods and around a fire. 

Learn More About Team Overland

For more information about Team Overland and their mission to help Veterans reintegrate using outdoor adventures, please visit their website at

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Team Overland is a completely volunteer run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations go directly to the cost of providing guided adventures to Veterans and their families at no charge to guests, ever. They provide everything guests need from a seat in a truck, a tent to sleep in, catered meals, and more. Their trips are only possible with the generous help from our faithful supporters. Donate to Team Overland.