The Overland Expo Foundation is proud to announce the awarding of a $5,000 to TEAM Wildlanders’ BigFoot Outpost program. The OutPost Program is designed to reach adventurers on the trails as they explore. Setup at the trailhead of popular routes, the OutPosts serve to Network and Educate. Information, programs, trashbags, swag, and a “Pit Stop” such as air down or up are provided to adventures. Meeting the off-road and overland community where they are exploring is the goal of the BigFoot Outposts.

ABOUT Team Wildlanders

TEAM Wildlander is an adventure-minded and conservation-hearted non-profit. Their mission is to conserve the environment while enjoying outdoor activities. They encourage people to “Adventure Wild, Adventure Wise, Adventure Responsible”. They are achieving this by growing a community of outdoor enthusiasts who share their passion for the outdoors and working together to conserve it.

Team Wildlander trash

The Impact

TEAM Wildlanders promotes clean trails, safety through preparation, and doing more than our part for the community. They are working to Re-Train from ‘Pack It In, Pack It Out’ to “Pack Yours In, Pack More(s) Out!” We all want fresh, natural and clean resources, their impact is challenging Overlanders and others to help us keep trails Open!

Learn more about TEAM Wildlanders

For more information about TEAM Wildlanders and how you can Adventure Wild, Adventure Wise, AdventuResponsible visit their website: