The Overland Expo Foundation is proud to announce the awarding of a $9,788 grant to the Two Wolf Foundation for their Warrior Stewardship Team 003 (WST.003) project. Two Wolf Foundation exists to serve members of the warrior tribe on their healing journey. They supports combat veterans and first responders who have attended clinical and non-clinical PTSD and substance addiction treatment programs.

The Project

Warrior Stewardship Team 003 (WST.003) will focus on stewarding public land trails in the Salmon-Challis National Forest, specifically around the Paasasikwana Naokwaide trailhead (formerly known as the Squaw Creek area) just north of Clayton, ID, and the Salmon River.

Through this project, participants will have the opportunity to give back to their community while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the natural environment.

The Warrior Stewardship Teams of the Two Wolf Foundation are a group of veterans who come together to serve and protect the natural landscapes of the United States. At the core of Warrior Stewardship is the belief that spending time in nature and participating in outdoor recreation can be therapeutic for veterans who are dealing with the stressors of daily life. Through their selfless service to the natural landscapes that give them so much, these veterans can experience feelings of pride and accomplishment.

Two Wolf Foundation Warrior Stewardship Team resotration

The Warrior Stewardship teams are comprised of combat veterans and first responders (fire service, EMT, LEO) that have experienced significant struggle in the aftermath of trauma and uniformed service. Through participation in Warrior Stewardship, Two Wolf Foundation offers an opportunity to each individual to be surrounded by team members united with a common goal of overcoming the traumatic experiences, strengthening support networks, and serving again in new and meaningful ways.

About Two Wolf Foundation

The Two Wolf Foundation takes veterans on overlanding expeditions, which are self-reliant, off-road adventures that allow them to connect with nature while also pushing their physical and mental limits. The foundation also supports ongoing wilderness conservation efforts on public lands in the United States.

Through their work with the Warrior Stewardship Teams, veterans are able to give back to their communities and find purpose through serving and protecting the natural landscapes of the United States. They also have the opportunity to connect with other veterans and form bonds through their shared experiences.

Two Wolf Foundation logo

For more information about Two Wolf and their mission to serve our nation’s warrior tribe by providing land stewardship opportunities and overland adventures, please visit their website at Support the mission of bringing warriors and wild places together to connect, serve and grow by making a donation